All I Want For Christmas Is Jerry Saltz

Let’s examine the strange rise of New York magazine’s art critic as a potent — and unlikely — sex icon. Saltz occupies some hinterland of the mind and body.

1. We Still Want A White Man We Can Love

“A few years back on 5th Avenue”

2. The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart

3. The Ouroboric Element

4. Takes No Prisoners, Pulls No Punches

“Art is something you might cross the street to avoid. Maybe it’s that beautiful too. Primavera dream imponderable and dilapidation and new forms of beauty. And butchery, love, horror, and the area between. Blood refreshes. And obdurate objects. My “artist statement”? I’m here to steal your soul.”

5. Patron Saint Of Perversion

Good morning from #amberawellmann
“Good morning from the exact self-administered operation that great artist #ForrestBess performed on himself, cutting a Vagina on the underside of his Penis to become double-gendered. This from a large drawing by Gavin Wilson at

6. Everyone Loves An Underdog Story

Last night with windows open for circulation. Wonderful Thanksgiving meal made by friends, served indoors, ate outside under a heat lamp. Hung over happy with thanks. Sort of our first night out since last March 18.


co-founding editor // // former co-founder | | writer. playwright. singer. nail biter. feminist. bibliophile.

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