Check out this brand new magazine—THE PUBLIC—I just helped launch with Public Rights Project.

“What does it mean to fight for a better world without saying we have to abandon it completely?”

“The solution is give workers the right to unionize without first enduring an endless, brutal, one-sided anti-union campaign.”

How community organizing, Christian voters, and Black voices could change the dire future of women and abortion access.

A Q&A with attorney Marissa Roy on why SB8 in TX gives the anti-choice movement free license “to do whatever they want.”

Professor and activist Ruby Montana on abortion rights, the dangerous stronghold of Catholicism, and the dubious fate of women in Texas.

Do you live in Texas or Mississippi? Do you have a story to tell about access to safe and legal abortions? Fill out our survey!

// photo by Sushil Nash

A Q&A with labor scholar and civil rights activist Veena Dubal on how the future of the gig economy is up to us.

An interview with renowned activist Silvia Federici on COVID, domestic labor, and how to combat capitalism by ‘commoning’ our resources.

Let’s examine the strange rise of New York magazine’s art critic as a potent — and unlikely — sex icon. Saltz occupies some hinterland of the mind and body.

Katie Tandy

writer / maker / justice seeker. editor @ Formerly of + come for rage stay for the words

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